September 14, 2011

A little more Josie

I posted a vid of Josie Charlwood's cover of "Feel Good, Inc" this past weekend and have done a very minor bit of digging to bring you some of the rest of her YouTube published work so far.It's a nice mix of originals and covers, looped work and simpler, straight forward tunes. All of these can be downloaded from her website for a minor cost (30p and upwards).

"Diamond Eyes" (original, looped)

"Electric Feel" (cover, looped)

"Behind Closed Doors" (original, no loops)

"I Need Air" (cover, looped)

"Lands of Make Believe" (original, no loops)

"You Need Me" (cover, looped)

"Misspent Time" (original, no loops, live)

"Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" (cover, looped)

"Making Faces" (original, no loops, band)

"My Life Begins Now" (original, no loops, band)

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