September 4, 2011

SB5 --> No on Issue 2

Back in the Spring I said a couple of things about SB5. Well, over the summer we found out that we had gotten enough signatures to get the repeal of SB5 on the ballot for NOvember.

At this point, however, it means that 'Repeal SB5' is shifting to being 'NO on Issue 2'. It's the same destination, but the wording if shifting.

Check out We Are Ohio's first television ad and remember that SB5 is unfair, unsafe, and bad for the middle class.

I'll be writing more about the issue as the weeks pass, but you can check out more via the PACEforKids blog.

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calencoriel said...

I talked up three more no votes at a family picnic today in north central ohio - the rest were already voting no.

A very good day in Ohio - lots of Vote no signage on I-75 already. We Are Ohio is on it!