September 5, 2011

Update: Crossing Paths

A few years back, I mentioned that a couple of grads from my high school. One in particular, Charlie Wen, has been doing a few big things this past year, but I just heard about them.

Apparently Charlie was the Visual Development Supervisor for Thor this past summer. Marvel Comics's website had a big interview with him talking about how he designed the final looks for Thor, Loki, and a number of other characters.

Charlie's most recent blog post mentions other work on Akira, Suckerpunch, Captain Nemo, Captain America, and Avengers.

A different Marvel post titles Charlie as Co-Visual Development Supervisor for Marvel Studios, and it has a bunch of his work on the upcoming Avengers film.

His Thor-centric artwork even appears to have been collected in a Marvel book, The Art of Thor, which I'm going to have to hunt down somewhere to flip through.

It's kinda frickin' cool to see that Charlie is such an amazingly big deal any more. I'm gonna say that he's probably the most successful of our grads from our class. CoachSullivan, can you think of anybody else who's bigger in his or her chosen field?

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