June 27, 2012

Another project

Because I need something new, I've started a new blog: Materials Witness

Over the summer I take a couple of weeks and travel the country - this year to Indianapolis and Houston - to help lead workshops for the ASM Foundation in spreading the gospel of material science. 

We show a lot of videos during the week - partially because it's a great way to start the morning and bring the teachers back from our various breaks. If they're straggling a minute or two, they miss the video and can hunt it down on their own. It's not losing lab or lecture time.

Some of the videos are embedded in the powerpoint presentations that we use to guide the week, but others are just ones that we like and that somehow illustrate materials science and/or an educational philosophy that we are trying to spread. Particularly for those latter videos - and for the ones that we find throughout the year - I didn't want them to slip through my fingers or to be lost to the workshop attendees.

Here's to hoping that this blog helps with those goals.

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