June 22, 2012

Makeup call

I missed last Saturday's links post, so let's count this one as last week's.

But then I'm not going to come back tomorrow with another one, so I'll just be further behind.


  • Animal Practice trailer - Is this thing for real? C'mon?!?! I don't know whether to line up or to be terrified.
  • Lake Pepto Bismol - apparently the high salinity is causing this gorgeous but freaky pink color
  • Badvertising of the Day - The Hoff goes gay. Is it homophobic? Maybe a little...
  • Bryant Park marriage proposal - stop it, stop it, stop it...at this point any proposal flash mob has to be ridiculously cool to make an impression on the intertubes (I'm sure the ladies being proposed to enjoy it)...stop it
  • Movie trailer of the day - Another choir movie? I blame Glee, but I'm also kind of tempted to see it. Anna Kendrick - is that her voice? Annoying British roommate sister from Bridesmaids...and is the smarmy dude Jason Bateman's kid?
  • Spherical flying machine - I want better lighting so I can see the details of what happens when it tips sideways and flies.

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