July 15, 2007

Clearing the bilges

Just about every time I see something interesting on the internet.com, I bookmark it to be blogged at a later date. Lots of these links build up at the bottom of my favorites and never quite make their way back up to full blog post status. Every now and then I take a post and throw all the links out so I can clear my Favorites back down to a managable size. Today is such a post...Ok, that feels a whole lot lighter, and I'm thinking that without all that flotsam, My Favorites will be running a little higher in the water. Hope you found something useful in all that detritus.


cmorin said...

For your worst cover songs article I would have to agree with you that the Counting Crows song is pretty good.

For the best covers, with enthusiasm I would recomend 58, 53, 35, 33, and especially 25, 9, and 6. I also very much agreed with their views towards 70. I am so hurt that they left off my favorite cover of all time.... Call Me the Breeze by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As an avid Sopranos fan, that article you posted convinced me that Tony died.

I also HIGHLY recomend the external hardrive route for itunes. It is amazing.

DanEcht said...

Thank you for reminding me of the abomination that is the Creation Museum...I now have to write about it on my own blog. Prepare for scathing remarks, religious nuts.

PHSChemGuy said...

CMorin - I'd forgotten about the cover of "My Favorite Things"...I've got that on my iTunes and love it...

DanEcht - I haven't been over to the museum yet, but I'm hoping to work up the guts to call them and lie my way into a free entry (something about considering them as a field trip for school) so I can see the place, mock it from the inside, but not give them any of my cash.