July 14, 2007

Get out of the house

There are some areas 'round Cincinnati that do some pretty cool things. These past couple of Saturdays, The Girl and I have headed down into Glendale to see a couple of nights of their summer concert series.

Turns out that there's some pretty cool free music going down in the tiny Village of Glendale. The groups set up in the side lot of the HWB Community Center and play from 'bout 6 'til 9pm every Saturday evening from June through August. We've seen Three Reasons Why (last week's rock) and the Ron Jones Quartet (jazz from the hometown of N'Albany - complete with piano from Glendalian Rob Allgeyer). Madison's bring out the portable gelato stand - mostly just a cooler. And a decent number of folks from 'round Glendale come out with their camp chairs (though the community center provides a number of wooden folders of their own.)

There's a bunch of people throwing picnics, tilting back a few cold ones (apparently endorsed as the flyer even suggests bringing a bottle of wine), and enjoying an evening of good music. Luckily these past couple of weeks have seen near-perfect Saturday evening weather. If you get a chance (I won't as I've got other plans), head down to Glendale this coming Saturday to see a band of PHS boys (and Glendalians in their own right) take their turn...and I'd also highly recommend the August 25th performances.

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