July 23, 2007

I didn't ask any questions

I dig the concept of people asking questions of candidates, but I'm a bit behind because I didn't post a question or get to watch the debate (the whole "no cable thing").

I'll be reading the transcript and checking the recap, however.

Did anybody out there get to see the debate?

If so, any thoughts?

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achilles3 said...

I hate to say it, and I'm glad they do it, but debates don't accomplish sh*t. I have a question...who will admit to the most things they have done that most people would find shocking/teribble/wrong?

That's who I'm voting for and so far that's my dog Obama!

Tell the damn truth and keep your slime factor down. Your ideas will get stopped by the other idiots in the senate and house or drug out until they don't even fit the problem anymore anyway so just tell the truth and don't look like a damn fool on TV all the time. And please stop butchering our language. That's all.