July 25, 2007

Wes's at it again

The next Wes Anderson joint (thanks, Spike, for that bit of the vernacular) is scheduled to show up in theaters at the end of September, and I'm thoroughly on board.

His last two films - Tenenbaums and Steve Zissou - were absolutely marvelous. I've got to get around to seeing Rushmore and Bottle Rocket at some point.

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achilles3 said...

Wes Anderson makes the smartest, funniest, most subtle, sadest, darkest, affecting movies that I have ever seen.

The Royal Tenenbaums is in my top 5 and dererves a full blog from me.

Etheline Tenenbaum
"I don't understand...did you pack your bags BEFORE you were locked out?"

Chas Tenenbaum
"It's not safe there."