July 18, 2007

Hey, I know that guy

An article in the Enquirer (soon to be the only game in town, it looks like) points out that there's some dispute in the number of signatures gathered by a group calling themselves We Demand A Vote looking to force the issue of a new tax for a new downtown Cincy jail onto the ballot this fall.

I'm not a Hamilton County voter any more, so the issue's kind of one I can't control, but I certainly think there's something a little shady when a ballot referendum is defeated and then county commissioners approve the same tax (in fact, a higher amount than asked for in the ballot initiative).

While the issue's an interesting one to me, the more interesting thing is the guy mentioned in the Enquirer article (emphasis added):
Dan Renegold, coordinator of the We Demand A Vote coalition, said the figures would be reconciled over the next two weeks to determine which figure is accurate.
I know that guy. Sure, his name is misspelled, but I know him.

He's a PHS parent, local business guy, supporter of Pasta for Pennies, and apparently the head of We Demand A Vote. Plus he's got a really cool bio over on his company's page:
As founder of both Posterservice and Frame USA, Dan Regenold has been here from the beginning, a self proclaimed “Jack of all trades”. He works hard to keep the companies working hard, constantly looking for new ways to improve what we do and how we do it. Now even as CEO, he is not above spending some time in the warehouse, or on the production line. As a strong family man he knows the importance of unity and strives to keep a value based, fun atmosphere to bring both companies and employees closer together. Even if that means throwing a “summer” lunch, wearing shorts and driving top down during one of the coldest winters on record. Also, this is one guy who is constant violation of the office music policy.
Always good to see a local guy in the news...especially when he's supporting something that I think deserves support.

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achilles3 said...

Again DanReg is my hero!