July 27, 2007

The continuing taunts of Homer Laughlin

Damn you, Homer Laughlin!

Damn you and your continuing need to ensure that people like me keep buying your products.

No, you can't possibly be satisfied with putting out an outstanding product like Fiestaware. Instead, you have to keep introducing variations on the Fiestaware.
Oh, you have ten place settings in various colors because those because those are the ones that were available when you got married? But do you have the eight colors that have been introduced since then?
Why must you taunt those of us with completist mentalities? (Oh, that South Park figure has a slightly different expression? Then I must have both versions!)

So, I'm off to Macy's today to pick up the new evergreen and heather colors.

Oh, and by the way, the new Fiestaware that I'm buying doesn't have the uranium that was in the old glazes. But thanks for your concern.


achilles3 said...

I have no clue who or what you are talking about and after a 3 minute walk through I want them. Your blog is as set to be damned as this "Homer" you speak of! Does the same damn thing! UGH!!! Thanks LD:)

PHSChemGuy said...

Homer is Homer Laughlin, the company that produces Fiestaware.

And I'm always glad if I can spread my illness to others.

Word Verification: atyrro

Ah, memories of The Never Ending Story...

achilles3 said...

Well it's perfect ware for me...simple, textured, solid. Thanks again!