July 30, 2007

Frickin' finally!

Way back on this summer's big vacation (check it if you don't remember), we stumbled across a pretty rockin' radio station out of Chicago: 93.1 FM - WXRT. It was July 2nd as we were rolling into the Windy City, and we caught a repeat of the morning's Lin's Bin - where Lin Brehmer answers all your burning questions twice a week on the air and anytime you want on your MP3 player.

In particular, it was the July 2nd episode that caught my attention as Lin discoursed on our national anthem. But it wasn't until this past weekend that this particular episode showed up on their podcast page.

I'd also recommend the double entendre episode (coincidently right around my b'day)...guilty pleasures...cicadas...first amendment..and, honestly, most of the rest of them...


DanEcht said...

I like the quote from Blazing Saddles :)

DanEcht said...

And the Frasier quote