February 24, 2010

bd's Tonight

If you're in the Cincinnati area tonight, come on out to bd's Mongolian Grill to help out PHS's Pasta for Pennies campaign and watch me grill your food.

Heck, if you're not in the Cincinnati area - like if you're up at the University of Dayton - or down at the University of Cincinnati - or over at Miami University - or over easterly at Ohio University - northeasterly at An Ohio State University - drive into town and help with the campaign.

10% of all bills - including whatever beverages you happen to have - are donated to the campaign.  Plus, 100% of all bar tips - those tips for the awesome people cooking your food LIKE ME - go to the campaign, too.

Plus we'll have our raffle set up there for you to buy tickets for.

So, let's figure you'd all spend at least $13 ($15 if you're going to go to the bar a few times) plus a couple of bucks for drinks.  That's $1.70 for our campaign.

Then you buy $5 worth of raffle tickets - maybe $10 if you're suckered in by our awesome raffle prizes.

Of course, you're going to tip us at the bar for a few more bucks - like $5 or $10, let's say.

So the way I figure things, you each owe like $21.70 to the campaign...feel free to round things up to the nearest big bill.

Feel free to make an online donation if you won't be in Deerfield Towne Center tonight.


Smamy said...

I wish I were within driving distance. I would pay to see you working the mongolian grill. Given a bit of space, the right equipment (anything on fire), and your juggling skills, I could see the mongolian BBQ getting kicked up a notch. Do you have to train for that, or are they just going to let you go at it. Hope you take a few pics and share. Best of luck.

PS: did you get my email about blog layouts?....or for that matter any of the other dozen or so emails that is sent in the last 6 months?

joey said...

just saw this now... if i would have last night i definitely would have made the trip. i always like a good excuse to go to bd's