February 1, 2010

I'm way under 100

Of the 100 Skills that Every Man Should Know, I know the following...
  • #1 - Handle a blowout - don't know that I handled it, but I at lived through one while doing 60 or so on an interstate.  I'll count that as a win.
  • #2 - Drive in snow - I feel generally pretty okay in snow, though I don't use snow tires, just not enough call for it in Cincy.
  • #13 - Escape a sinking car - Seems simple enough, but I have no idea that I'd do it in a pressure situation.
  • #14 - Carve a turkey - I feel okay about this one since I've been doing it for four or so years now.  Wish I got more chances to do this so I could practice, though.
  • #16 - Put out a fire - Done it but only once, and it was expected.  I was outside doing a demo that I kind of expected to get out of hand.
  • #32 - Fix a toilet flapper - Done it a couple of times, and I think I was successful.
  • #34 - Fell a tree - Really big ones, no...smaller ones, yes.  For some reason, though, I kill chainsaws in the process.
  • Oddly, never even tried #39 - Change a diaper - I know, I should have somewhere along the line, but I've never even attempted it.
  • #44 - Treat a burn - I knew that whole 'no butter' thing and have used cold water on a few burns.
  • #51 - Run rapids in a canoe - Thanks to Smamy, I knew the whole bit about the V's.  I'm not sure I'd do class 4's, but I'm okay on smaller ones, at least.
  • #68 - Throw a spiral - Wish my hands were a little larger for this, but I'm a'ight.
  • #71 - Parallel Park - Way better at it than The Girl is.
  • #73 - Tie a necktie - Hellz yeah.  Twice a week right about now, more like four times a week at the beginning of the school year.
  • #75 - Ride a bike - I'm a tub of goo, and I should ride more, but I certainly can ride.
  • #77 - Take the Perfect Portrait - Nice touch about flash in sunlight, but other than that, I knew all that stuff.
Man, I feel pathetic.


joey said...

most proud of being able to do on the list: drive a stick, parallel park (gotten really good at that this year), using a spade bit.

Still haven't gotten a hang of: tying a tie. ties suck. count changing a diaper in this too. so far i have managed to avoid this, but i don't see that lasting with a little nephew

DanEcht said...

It says that the tie-tying diagram is of a half-windsor, but I think it might be lying. I can't use a spade bit, but things I think should be on the list that I can use include a chop saw.

Relearned parallel parking by necessity in Chicago this past summer, and I'm not half bad at it. Driving a stick is something I still want to learn.

Smamy said...

I think the last time I went canoeing was with you. Good times. May have to try and do that again sometime. I may actually be moving back to the Hoosier state soon.

I want to learn to use a torque wrench. Split wood and used a spade bit this weekend.