February 2, 2010

I lived the 80s

They're not really my life at all.

In fact, I got a 102 on the 80s lyrics test (thanks for sending this my way, Blank) and felt pretty crappy about the score.

I misspelled a couple (made two plural) but missed others that seemed so obvious after reading the answers.

In case you want to know...ones I couldn't get...
  • 7
  • 12
  • 32
  • 34
  • 38
  • 41
  • 46
  • 59
  • 61
  • 69
  • 78
  • 93
And ones I got wrong...highlight to see my mistakes...
  • 10 (put sex instead of dress)
  • 11 (thought it just repeated walk)
  • 14 (just missed it straight up)
  • 18 (1/2 credit 'cause I went with push instead of whip)
  • 44 (I had empty streets instead of city streets)
  • 47 (run and get...not my run and hide)
  • 50 (wow...I installed these refrigerators...they installed microwave ovens)
  • 52 (same idea...pavement instead of concrete)
  • 53 (I went plural, should've read the next word)
  • 60 (how did I miss Robert Palmer?)
  • 68 (they counted off because I didn't capitalize Venus - that's crap)
  • 70 (just missed it)
  • 72 (heart instead of pulse)
  • 73 (this is just sad that I didn't catch it)
  • 77 (again, just blanked on it)
  • 79 (to me, you walk on sunshine)
  • 86 (I switched which girls this line was about)
  • 95 (how did I miss the greatest Metallica ever?)
Sully, you gonna throw your number back at me?


There is a 90s quiz for anybody else interested in that decade of dreck.


    Katydid said...

    I got an 80, which I guess will do since I was only alive for 2 months of the 80s. Sadly, I think I'd do better on this then the 90s quiz.

    coachsullivan said...

    Man, I'm totally confused with the scoring on this one. By your count, you left 12 answers blank and had errors on 18 of them. By my count, I left 11 blank and only had 1 error on the rest. And yet, you scored a 102 and I got a 94.6 total. ???

    After seeing the ones that I left blank, the obvious ones for me were Ghostbusters, Devil Inside, Physical, and Cult of Personality.

    coldnorthgamer said...

    yeah, i don't want to mention my score as it is way below yours.

    PHSChemGuy said...

    Katydid - feel free to report you score on the 90s quiz. If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine - which will be pathetic, I promise.

    Sullivan - clearly, I am better than you. I know the scoring seemed pretty arbitrary to me (which ones were worth full, half, quarter points).

    Gamer - no specific number, though?

    coldnorthgamer said...

    Let's just say I was near half of you and sullivan. I never was very good at knowing lyrics.

    PHSChemGuy said...

    There's no shame in that game, Gamer.

    We all have our skillz.