February 17, 2010

Every single jeopardy question ever

There's really not much more to say about this other than that it's an (in progress) archive of every single Jeopardy! question ever.

You can check out Ken Jenning's winning streak, including his biggest win.

You can find the full glossary of terms - including lots of strategies on how to bet for final jeopardy.

You can find the one guy from my hometown who played on Jeopardy!

Or the one game that ended in a non-zero, three-way tie or the only time anyone has won with a $1 total.

How 'bout the time a guy passed out on camera?

Cliff Claven's appearance?  Weird Al's appearance?  Any of Sean Connery's appearances?  That time that Alex Trabek flipped out?

Still looking for the Echt's appearances, though...any help?


DanEcht said...


There's one...there are two missing.

joey said...

i just took my first jeopardy entrance test.

all i can say is don't expect seeing me any time soon. i got torn apart by terribly unlucky question (answer?) selection.

eagerly awaiting the next test time though.

PHSChemGuy said...

DanEcht - are there pictures of the appearances?

Joey - I took one of the online tests a year or so ago. Sadly they did not contact me.