February 28, 2010

The rare Sunday post

Thought I'd give a heads up and offer a little something for your troubles...

This next little while on the blog is going to be a time of 8Tracks playlists.  I already have four ready for this week (followed by a YouTube playlist for Friday) and a few more for next week.

It's not my intent to make this a music-only blog or anything.  I just had a few ideas that I wanted to get out and didn't feel like making this a semi-regular feature (coming every Wednesday or something like that).

So I'm posting 8tracks playlists for a little while.

If you're interested, stick with me and enjoy the tunes.

If you're not, start hanging out with The Impossible Cool instead.

They've got better pictures, though their blog is clearly not a non-smoking section.


Katydid said...

How have I not seen The Impossible Cool before? SO FANTASTIC. New Tumblr to follow.

PHSChemGuy said...

No idea, Katydid. If it's new to you, I'm glad I could point it out.