July 30, 2010

Pathetically late to the art installation

I'm casually down with the work of Shepard Fairey - they guy who did the Obama Hope (red/blue, you know the one) and the Andre the Giant Obey from long ago - and even own a pretty cool parody shirt thanks to the LebowskiFest guys.

So I was pretty surprised and pleased to happen upon a mural of Fairey's work on my travels through downtown Cincy this Wednesday.  It's on the side of a building right next to Piatt Park across from the downtown branch of the Public Library...kinda cool mural...

...and it's a big thing, probably twenty to thirty feet across and solidly ten to fifteen feet high.  Kinda cool.  Click the photo to the left if you want to know specifically where to look for the thing (photo source here, so I'm not Fairey-ing things)

Turns out that this mural is one of at least ten murals that Fairey installed in Cincinnati - check the map here to find 'em all - in conjunction with an art installation at the Contemporary Arts Center (it's there 'til August 22nd).  Apparently the murals were installed back in March - check Fairey's photos of the freezing installations here - and I'm just finally getting around to the right spot downtown to see one of them.

Pathetic how little I get downtown since I've moved out to the exurbs.

I only saw the bridge into the zoo for the first time this week, and it's apparently only about three years old.



DanEcht said...

I went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, and had no idea that there was a new main entrance/bridge. Confused the heck out of me...it's what I get for not going to the zoo for four years, I guess.

achilles3 said...

this has been bothering me long enough. why don't you link to my blog???
katydid and joey have as much bad words on their blogs and you not only link to them you call them out in your own posts.
just wonderin

PHSChemGuy said...

Dan - I remember when we moved out to West Chester from Northside that there were a lot of things that we would be passing by - walking to the Comet dropping into Clifton at the drop of a hat, heading downtown without planning on it. Most of the time, I don't miss those things. Every now and again, I do.

Lakes - to be honest, I don't read your blog regularly, so I don't link to it. Sorry, man.