July 18, 2010

Update: Alvin Greene's first speech

Alvin Greene has apparently been cleared to continue to run in the fall general election as South Carolina's Democratic nominee for the US Senate.  The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division stated that "[d]uring the course of the investigation, SLED determined that monies spent for Greene's filing fee were the candidate's personal funds and therefore, no laws were violated in association with Greene's payment to the South Carolina Democratic Party."

So Greene celebrated by giving his first public campaign speech, a very halting effort in front of - as CNN writes -  "a friendly audience."

It's atrocious...


DanEcht said...

It resembles nothing so much as a high school campaign for student council. Almost cringe-worthy.

And I recently rediscovered the comment button. And am abusing it. Hence multiple comments in the span of a few hours.

PHSChemGuy said...

The high school campaign speech is a pretty apt comparison. I don't see how this guy thinks he has any chance to be elected in the least or what he's trying to get out of the whole thing.