July 18, 2010

Pick your colors

So, The Girl just bought a three-ring binder and hole punch.

The sticker on the three-ring binder, however, had something that bugged me.

They had color suggestions for the various subjects, and they just feel wrong to me.

I'm curious as to which school subjects you'd put as red, black, yellow, blue, and green.

Feel free to copy and paste this list into your comment and suggest the correct colors for the various subjects.  I'll put my choices after the jump.


Red: math - they got that one right
Black: doesn't feel right for any of the subjects - maybe acting/drama/theater or something
Yellow: English
Blue: geography
Green: science

Swap out black and in brown: history


Ame said...

We go with the colors that best match the textbooks...

Social studies red
Math blue
Science green
English white
Reading purple (they use a folder, not binder)

Smamy said...

Red: Spelling...because I sucked at it and it just made me want to slit my rists.

Black: English/Language. Black background/White letters or Black letters/White Backgound. The high contrast just screams letters to me, but then again I am an ophthalmologist and look at B&W letters every day.

Yellow: History (but I agree with the Chemguy on this one...should be Brown).

Green: Geography...too easy. Personal goal is to consciously start living a more "Green" lifestyle.

Blue: Music. Just because.

PHSChemGuy said...

Red for social studies, really, Ame? Social studies is solidly brown in my head.

Smamy - interesting choices...especially the black one. I didn't think red for that reason, but based just on the account name, I'm thinking I could've guessed that last part.

joey said...

Weird... I thought I was the only one to consistently assign colors to classes. This is my unchanged color list since jr high:

Red - English. Bright, vibrant, Harding's hair.

Black: Misc. Usually my misc. binder was white with a black label. It was and still is easiest to swap between the random classes like robotics, music in film, philosophy, etc.

Yellow: Ew too bright. Sub this out with a Black notebook (not white binder/black label, which is misc.) and you have history.

Blue: Math. Darkest option (which for me coincides with certainty... I'm sure Freud could help me out on that one...)

Green: Science....leaves... duh...