July 14, 2010

Simple timesuck

The controls are so simple - up, down, left, right.

The instructions are simple, too: obey the word written on the screen - walk, hide, survive, gather, etc.

The challenge comes because sometimes they also flash the word disobey in which case you have to do the opposite of the instructed.

And the time for each level gets shorter and shorter as the levels advance.  Eventually, it gets pretty harrowing.

So, how long can you obey?


DanEcht said...

138 levels, 82.6% won, 14.7 speed, 31 in a row. Bleah. Going slightly crosseyed now.

PHSChemGuy said...

I tried it like four more times and can't get past like eighty levels now. At some point, the reaction time just isn't there. The 'survive' level kills me every time once it gets going so frickin' fast. I know what to do but just can't get to the safe spot without over shooting it.