March 20, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: UNLV's road jerseys (seen most prominantly when the Runnin' Rebels defeated Wisconson this weekend)

The Bad: Oregon's home jerseys (seen most odiously when the Ducks held off Winthrop to eliminate the big dance's final double-digit seed)

and The Ugly: The first half of the IU-UCLA game on Saturday night.

All in all, a wonderful first weekend of the tourney.


cmorin said...

Whats your thoughts on Louisville's jerseys. I'm a pretty big fan; especially the black.

But commenting more on your hidden message on your school web site. The Big 10 did very well for themselves the first round. I can't say the same for the second round. It was pretty disappointing.

calencoriel said...

Actually, I'm just impressed in general with how much better the hidden messages look when the text tool is used instead of the paintbrush...I caught it a couple of weeks ago and have to admit...I copied it on my own site...

Here's a question though, you check my site as often as you check Chemguy's? I're actually IN my class this year...

PHSChemGuy said...

If it weren't for the white sholder yolks on the UofL jerseys, they'd be okay.

The Big 10, I thought, appointed itself pretty well this year. The lesser teams (Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Mich St) didn't get embarassed (sp?). Wisconson played gamely but haven't been the same since Tucker went down with a knee injury. And OSU - the cream of the conference - is stil alive.

Admittedly, they're not the finest conference in the land this year, but who's better - SEC? ACC? Pac 10? Big 12?


And thanks for the compliments, Calen. I can't help it if my site rocks and your site just sort of rolls. Don't blame the boy.

Joey said... have a website??