March 8, 2007

Oh my golly...they killed America

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Spoiler alert and all that jazz...

It appears that Captain America is dead.

I know, it's not like a real person died or anything, and he's dead because his death happened to be interesting as a plot device, so there shouldn't be mourning or anything. I'm good with that. I understand that.

Plus, he's a Marvel character, and I'm a DC guy (as you may have picked up from the blog's numerous comic book posts), so I shouldn't care.

And, honestly, I don't care.

The reason I'm pointing out Cap's death, though, is that I find it interesting that two comic book events from the same Marvel storyline (Civil War, keep up, kids) - the unmasking of Spiderman and the death of Captain America - have gotten news coverage on real news venues.

I'm kind of curious as to whether we'll see the same kind of news coverage when - according to this rumor, at least - the seventh book comes out and Harry Potter dies.

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