March 26, 2007

Linkity link sensations

Ah a link bloggers life for me...
  • Looks like the Grand Canyon's newest attraction has opened up - and just to convince people that the insane walkway made of glass is safe. I know that it's probably just fine and safe and everything, but I still think I'd rather eat glass than walk on it that high above the Canyon.
  • Holy schiznits, Tubby Smith is heading to Minnesota. Looks like the girl and I will have some company on our vacation this summer. I guess the fans never got over the fact that his first year was 35-4 with a national championship. It's all been downhill since then with his craptacular 260-83 (by my count) record in his ten years as UK coach. God, he sucked.
  • Chuck a Dwarf - my new high is getting to round five.
  • Steve Alford hired at New Mexico the further they get this pompus snot from the Midwest and his New Castle hometown, the better. I rooted for him when he was raining down threes at IU, but the jerk became dead to me once he was a pain in the backside as Manchester College's coach playing at Wabash and walking off the court when his team was playing poorly.
  • Nice article about some impressive trees 'round the world
  • A blogger chose to eat for a month on $1 a day. Here are his thoughts throughout the month. It's an interesting read, and much more compelling than his follow-up of cartoonist for a month.
  • Caught a few minutes of Warriors of Virtue, and I'm not sure I've seen a freakier few minutes of film - very streaky, highly affected & effected fight scenes for a kids' film. I think I'll have to hunt this one down.
  • Some odd facts, figures, and trivia about Oscar awards, bumbled into while looking up the last movie to sweep the Oscars - Silence of the Lambs, in case you were curious.
  • How to declutter your desk and keep all your computer peripherals neatly organized. This may be a summer project at work for me, because I'm quickly getting fed up with the way my computer set-up looks.
  • I'm a bit of a curious lexicographer, so a website that looks at origins of various phrases and sayings seems interesting enough, and I've spent a fair bit of time skimming through it.
  • I think The Ultimate Warrior was totally bonkers - and might be more bonkers now that he's gone crazy, nutso religious.
  • The best comic strip ever - combining my love of D&D and chemistry.
  • Last year I pointed out that a minor league team was offering a burger on a Krispy Kreme donut. This year, I point out that the same team is offering deep-fried sliders. Oh, god, I would love that.


ame said...

Mom and I are doing a drive southwest this summer and are debating a sidetrip to the skywwalk (north rim is already on the list) only 1 problem... neither of us will walk on it.

PHSChemGuy said...

Yeah, it looks neat and all...might be worth seeing...but I don't think I could step out on it...