March 10, 2007

Videos of the week

Click on the picture to get a collection of a number of British comedy sketches

Click the above picture to see a large mock-up of what looks like a really neat computer interface

La Mer - the French version is much more beautiful than the American version - "Beyond the Sea"

Alyssa Milano was edging from cute to attractive, but even she couldn't save this disaster

I have no idea what this is, and I can't find any clues. The vocals aren't in a language that I know, but the whole thing just creeps me out.

Nice edits of an otherwise very NSFW song

I think I recognize the locale here.

I've linked to this Japanese tv show before but happen upon their stuff almost by random chance.


cmorin said...

Debussy also wrote a a multi-movement orchestral piece called "La Mer" that is regarded as one of the greatest orchestral pieces of the twentieth century.

I am a huge fan of the Darin version of the song though. I find it hard to compare to the orginal; such different styles.

PHSChemGuy said...

Don't know the Debussy piece...I'll have to hunt that down.

And the others are very different styles, but I love the French version so much more.