March 3, 2007

Summer planning starts early

Ok, the plans to head to Singapore seem to have fallen through - stupid friends getting promoted and coming back into the country. So we've now moved the vacation plans to see those same folks up in their returning home near Minneapolis. On the way to Minneapolis, we'll wander our way through the Wisconsin Dells (whatever they are), and on the way back, we might try to convince a couple of friends of ours to catch a Brewers game (the last detail of which those friends will probably learn of when they read this entry).

So, here's the tentative list of things to see/do/stay at...suggestions and additions are always wildly welcome...
  • Taliesin - for being a huge architecture geek, I've never actually been to any of Wright's homes. This seems like an oportune time.
  • I've mentioned my love of roadside attractions, and House on the Rock seems like the near-apex of a roadside attraction.
  • I understand there are a few minigolf courses in and around the Dells...and I'm a bit of a fiend for miniature
  • There's the hope for a Brewers baseball game on the way back through Milwaukee
  • There's supposed to be some camping in Buckhorn State Park - which honestly sounds pretty nice depending on the weather
  • The girl is entertained by the Tommy Bartlett Show, but I don't know...
So, anybody ever been to southeast Minnesota or southern to mid-Wisconsin and have any suggestions?


ame said...

let me know on dates and I might be able to bring Nico and stay with the boys for you. As far as I know I am not working this summer.

coldnorthgamer said...

Great to know you're coming to see us! Luckily, I had a chance to see the blog while parents and sister are visiting. We look forward to the visit. Know that we have a Charlotte, NC, wedding the weekend of June 1st and possible Aunt/Uncle 40th wedding anniversary June 24th (don't know if we're attending). The wife has a possible trip to Dubai June 9-15 and I and the daughter may go as well. As for sites to see, Wisconsin Dells has great water parks, better if you have children, and a drive up the coast of Lake Superior has great views and hiking. We're very excited!