March 14, 2007

The simplicity of youth...and fruit pies

Thanks to Branded in the 80s for bringing back that old school goodness day after day - particularly this week when they brought back the classic Hostess ads that ran in comic books from 1977 through 1982.

Those were formative years for me, and I was reading comic books back then like it was nobody's business. Plus, I was horking down sweet treats like they were going out of style. (Thank heaven that so much has changed in the decades since then.)

The Hostess ads of the time were absolute classics of cultural reference. Somebody has to be of a very specific age and hobby to get any references made to the Hostess comic book ads of that period.

And thankfully, Seanbaby remembers them and has set up a tribute website complete with awesomely creamy center. Thanks to Seanbaby, we can see such classics as "Spider Man Spoild a Snatch" and other gems where the superheros fight crime by throwing down with some Tinkies and Ho-Hos and Ring-Dings and the like.

Man, this stuff is all about the genius...

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