March 27, 2007

I know you care, so...

My two fantasy baseball teams...and details of the leagues...

1st league...I'm the commish...standard 10 fantasy categories...head-to-head...twelve teams...

C - AJ Pierzynski (I can't spell it, but he better hit)
1B - Gary Sheffield (I smell a comeback and 40 HR)
2B - Josh Barfield (soon to be traded to Calen for a song)
3B - Troy Glauss (power hitter...also SS-eligible)
SS - Miguel Tejada (I drafted like it was 3 years ago, shut up)
OF - Jason Bay (solid, always solid)
OF - Carlos Lee (he was great with the Cubs before he got hurt last year)
OF - Mike Cameron (whata ya mean that was Derek Lee?)
U - Nick Swisher (1B/OF...backup for Sheffield)

P - Johan Santana (my overall first pick)
P - Trevor Hoffman (again, solid as a rock)
P - Jered Weaver (out for one/two's hoping it's not longer)
P - Cole Hamels (Cy Young in waiting)
P - Barry Zito (buoyed by Bonds' chase)
P - Bob Wickman (he's pitching in the NL, how hard can it be?)

BN - Javier Vazquez (other guys were drafting guys with that ` thing, I had to)
BN - Octovio Dotel (comeback candidate #2)
BN - Freddy Garcia (he was good like five years ago, right?)
BN - Nick Johnson (more of a safety net for Sheffield)

And in the 10-team league...12 categories (including OPS & K/BB)...head-to-head

C - Joe Mauer (already hurt...awesome!)
1B - Gary Sheffield (I know, I've said it before)
2B - Dan Uggla (he was good once, right?)
3B - Bill Hall (had him last year...hope he repeats)
SS - Jose Reyes (my first pick)
OF - Jason Bay (why draft different guys?)
OF - Mike Cameron (5 tool player about five years too late)
OF - Raul Ibanez (he's got a ~ and a `...take that!)
U - Travis Hafner (with OPS, he'll rock even harder)

SP - Brandon Webb (sinkerball extraordinaire)
SP - Jered Weaver (I've got a soft spot, I'll admit it)
SP - CC Sabathia (fat toad)
RP - Bob Wickman (fourth player in both leagues)
RP - Josh Johnson (he qualifies there)
P - Chris Capuanao (big hit for me two years ago)
P - Ervin Santana (who?)

BN - Ken Griffey Jr (worth a last round draft flier)
BN - Ryan Freel (eligible in three positions)
BN - Rich Hill (up and comer for the Cubs - so he'll die soon)
BN - Javier Vazquez (make that five players)
BN - Zach Duke (another flier)

So, what're your thoughts?


G-Rob said...

As a participant in the first league you mentioned, I have to retort, of course.

You are going get -- as the kids these days are calling it -- "pwned" in that league. Your team sucks and you suck. Meet the gentlemen who will lead you to your demise...

C - Michael Barrett
1B - Mark Teixiera (the X = SH)
2B - Dan Uggla (the only wildcard in my offense)
SS - Hanley Ramirez (speed
3B - Garret Atkins (ok, 2 wildcards)
OF - Ichiro (only needs one name)
OF - Juan Pierre (french? no. Fast! yes.)
OF - Alfonso Soriano (will have a huge season at Wrigley)
U - Jim Thome (please don't break, Jim)

SP - Aaron Harang (a red, but a good pitcher)
SP - Erik Bedard (poised to improve on last season under tutelage of Mazzone)
SP - Kenny Rogers (teh gambler)
SP - Adam Wainwright (breakout candidate)
SP - Ervin Santana (johan's cousin)
RP - Chris Ray
RP - Takashi Saito

This is the year I take this league and call it a sweep of fantasy sports. I owned you in football, and I'll own you in baseball.


PHSChemGuy said...

Oh no you di'n't...Oh No You Di'N'T!


In the interest of fairness, my fantasy football team has consistently stunk. One good year - through the luck of drafting a bunch of Bengals just before they hit big.

But that one year was an entirely record-setting year. Best fantasy football team in the history of our league.



And take that, G!

coldnorthgamer said...

Keep smacking each other because you both know that you'll lose out to Derek, who spends too much time on fantasy baseball and has an uncanny knowledge of the game.

PHSChemGuy said...

Yeah, he tends to be pretty good...

It's kind of annoying from time to time...