May 2, 2007

Anybody wanna see Mallorca?

How frickin' cool is this?

Nadal and Federer are scheduled to meet today on a court made half of clay and half of grass. What a cool idea.

Sure it's not really going to settle anything.

Sure it's all for show.

Sure it's a circus.

But it's a cool frickin' circus.

I would absolutely love to see this one - particularly up close. This will be an absolutely singular event that I doubt will be replicated anytime soon - and particularly not with two guys at the peak of their respective surfaces. Nadal goes in with a seventy-two match winning streak on clay, and Federer with forty-eight straight on grass.

This match won't break either of those streaks - and it shouldn't because it's about as far from a real, competitive match as possible - but it's still really cool.

Sure, there are some questions that I have (would Federer rather recieve on grass or serve toward the grass? do you put the players hitting toward or from their favorite surfaces? will they just switch ends?) - and the official website isn't responding as I write this...

...but it's still a really neat event.

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cmorin said...

Looks like Nadal won. They played the game like it was on any other surface with the rotation of sides and what not. I imagine this proved very little but was cool none the less. I am extremely excited for the french open this year; I want to see Federer come away with it this year.