May 16, 2007

Bonds and white America

I know we've gotten into spats here and there 'round these parts in regards to Barry Bonds, so I'm going to throw in my continuing two cents.

According to a recent story over on ESPN, the public perception of Bonds in nearly every area breaks down very clearly along racial lines.

For example, the belief that Bonds used steroids is 76% positive among white baseball fans but only 37% among black baseball fans.

74% of black baseball fans are rooting for Bonds to break Hank's record, but only 28% of white baseball fans are doing the same.

Jayson Stark's column about the poll looks at the disconnect between the assumed opinions of Bonds (cheater, bad guy, not worthy of the Hall of Fame, womanizer) isn't the opinion that is shared by every baseball fan.

Race is an incredibly sensitive subject, and one not to be thrown about lightly. I recognize this.

I also know that Bonds' use (or possible non-use) of steroids is a pretty sensitive subject, too.

But it certainly does seem that Bonds is getting a whole lot more benefit of the doubt from black America than he does from white America.

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