May 6, 2007

Well, look at that...

The girl and I had our anniversary a couple of weeks ago (our seventh, thanks for asking) and headed uphill to Prima Vista (quick review: good food, pricey but worth it, good views).

It's the first time that I've been up on Mt. Hope and seen the view of Cincy that's in the picture above, and the view was pretty impressive. Admittedly, the foreground was a little junkey, but the deep view was pretty cool. I especially love the convention center's Cincinnati sign.

The Prima Vista view was one of the cooler ones in the city, but it's got nothing on the Eden Park view. And my understanding is that the Eden Park view has nothing on a half dozen other views around the city.

In a pretty cool move, the city of Cincy has conducted a study about the city's best views. They're now looking into what they can do to protect those views - mostly through a combination of legislation on development and some simple flora maintenance.

I'm thinking that this summer I've got a task - hunting down some of these views before they disappear.

Or before the city screws them up by protecting them.

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achilles3 said...

I don't like the "Cincinnati". I think it's SUPER LAME. If a city can't think of any other way to say "This is our city!" besides actually saying "This is our city!" then I think it reveals a major void of creative ideas. I don't think any other "cool" city would do that.
Cool view though.