May 19, 2007

Looking down

I've mentioned my love of Google Earth before, but that's been a couple of years now, and the use of Google Earth (or Google Maps - they're just different interfaces for the same data as far as I can tell).

Since then, MSN has jumped on the maps bandwagon as have a couple of other serivces, but I'm not nearly as familiar with the work of any of these newbies as I am of Google's.

But there's the problem with Google Earth - once I look for my house (and all the houses I've lived in) and work and maybe college and vacations, what else do I look for? What are the coolest sights to see in the whole frickin' world?

And that's where today's link comes into play. Go check out

They're a site that collects direct links to the coolest sights on all of the various mapping websites.

You can see airplanes landing, waterfalls, breweries, circuses, roadside attractions, censored areas, places that no longer exist, and lots more categories.

Web 2.0 is rockin' the map sites, folks.

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