May 24, 2007

Green American Ballpark

Look like the Reds are finally leading the league in something.

We got some early stories this year about the Cincy Reds buying carbon offsets to make sure that at least opening day is - and a few other dates are - carbon neutral. They're working with Duke Energy to use renewable energy sources for some of their electricity around the stadium.

It turns out that they're doing a little more than that - as commented upon by JinAZ. (I would link to the Baseball Prospectus article, but it's behind a subscription wall.)

According to J, the Reds are purchasing green energy, buying carbon offsets, recycling all paper trash, and reducing electric usage. There's certainly more that they could be doing, but every step in the right direction is a solid start. It's interesting that J is out in AZ and commenting on the electric usage - he being in a city that can only exist through the grace of constant air conditioning.