May 29, 2007

Volume 2 coming

Neil Gaiman's journal page and the DC website are both showing that Absolute Sandman, Vol 2 is getting ready to be dropped to us 'round about October.

So if anybody's looking to get me a Halloween preesnt, this would be the thing.

Not many outlets are offering it as a pre-order just yet, though.


J. Kyle said...

Did you ever get Volume 1?

Recently I was reading my copy and admiring what an improvement the recoloring is over the older trade paperback. I was thinking that the later volumes probably won't need as dramatic changes in the coloring, and I was wondering if the Absolute format will really be worth it. This blurb from the DC solicitation clinches it for me, though:

"a host of bonus material, including two never-before-reprinted stories by Gaiman (one prose and one illustrated), a complete reproduction of the never-before-reprinted one-shot THE SANDMAN: A GALLERY OF DREAMS, and the complete script and pencils by Gaiman and Kelley Jones for Chapter Two of "Season of Mists" from THE SANDMAN #23."

PHSChemGuy said...

Well, of course, I've got Volume 1. It ate and ate at me until I headed to eBay and dropped the $60 (with shipping) to get it sent directly to my doorstep.

I'd forgotten just how outstanding the early Sandman stories are. I went through the entire series in about a year and a half a few years back and hadn't seen 'em since.

Wonderful works, great volume...

If only the rest of the Absolute releases weren't so dang tempting, too...

Watchmen...Kingdom Come...Return of the Dark Knight...New Frontier...Crisis on Infinite Earth...LXG #1 & #2...

did I mention Watchmen?

And you're probably right about the different coloring not being so drastic in the later volumes, but I don't care.

I'm getting them.

It's an indulgence, admittedly, but I'm reasonably frugal otherwise.