May 8, 2007

Sports flicks

I was sitting down to watch a few minutes of a movie while I decompressed from a long week, so I grabbed The Big Lebowski and got to wondering if Lebowski was the greatest bowling movie of all time - not that there's all that much in terms of competition, but...

It also got me to thinking about what films were the best movies in each of the various sports. So...

Best baseball movie
  • Field of Dreams - my pick
  • Eight Men Out - runner-up
  • Bull Durham - runner-up
  • Sandlot - runner-up
  • Bad News Bears - runner-up
  • Major League - runner-up
  • The Natural - runner-up
  • A League of Their Own - runner-up
  • Bingo Long's Traveling All-Stars - runner-up
  • Bang the Drum Slowly - never seen
Best basketball movie
  • Hoosiers - my pick
  • Hoop Dreams - runner-up
  • White Men Can't Jump - runner-up
Best football movie
  • The Longest Yard - my pick
  • Rudy - never seen
  • Friday Night Lights - never seen
  • Brian's Song - never seen
  • North Dallas Forty - never seen
  • Remember the Titans - never seen
Best bowling movie
  • The Big Lebowski - my pick
  • Kingpin - runner up
Best soccer movie
  • Bend it Like Beckham - my pick
  • Vitory - never seen
Best rollerderby movie
  • Rollerball - my pick
Best boxing movie
  • Raging Bull - my pick
  • Rocky - runner-up
  • Rocky III - runner-up
  • When We Were Kings - never seen
Best golf movie
  • Caddyshack - my pick
  • The Legend of Bagger Vance - runner-up
  • Tin Cup - runner-up
Best cycling movie
  • Breaking Away - my pick
Best running film
  • Chariots of Fire - my pick
Best hockey movie
  • Slap Shot - my pick
  • Miracle - never seen
Best pool movie
  • The Hustler - my pick
  • The Color of Money - never seen
So, it turns out that The Big Lebowski is the greatest bowling movie of all time. See what a scientific study can do for you?


ame said...

Between this post and the last I am wondering how you missed some of these movies. For example;
Rudy, good Lord, you lived in Indiana for over 20 years and missed that? Rushmore?

PHSChemGuy said...

I hate Notre Dame, hence the missing of Rudy, (thought I did enjoy the serious Rudy reference on My Name is Earl last week.

As for Rushmore, dunno...just hasn't popped up on my viewing list yet.

calencoriel said...

Sadly...we own Miracle...wanna borrow?

Joey said...

ive known people who hate notre dame but love rudy... its a pretty translatable message. I'm sure that's nothing you haven't heard before though. Honestly, as far as football movies go, Rudy would not even be in my top three (Friday night lights, any given sunday, and the either the longest yard or that one that the rock did a while back)

Oh, and I'm glad that you mentioned every bowling movie ever made and picked one of the two. Nice.

Seriously though, go grab friday night lights and miracle. I'm curious what you would think (I have a guess on both)