May 4, 2007

Sorry to get a little heavy, but...

There are two issues that I consider to be the most important to me: education & the environment.

I would imagine that those two issues will remain strongly in my top two for probably the rest of my life.

In the country as a whole, however, I would argue that at the moment the most immediate issue is, however, how we are to deal with Iraq.

Whether you believe that we need immediately to withdraw from the morass that we find ourselves in, have to stay the course until we create a truly free and democratic Iraq, or somewhere int he middle, you must recognize that the issue of Iraq is dividing our country like no military action since Vietnam.

We all owe it to ourselves to know more about the immediate issue of our situation in Iraq and the much, much larger and more important issue of the conflict between a Christian West and a largely-Muslim Middle East and East.

To that end, may I suggest that everyone out there take half an hour and pay devoted attention to the George Tenet interview on 60 Minutes this past week. The video is also available on YouTube, but the clip is broken into parts due to YouTube's ten-minute limit. On Devil Duckie, the video can be watched as one large, streaming file without interruption.

Tenet's - former Director of the CIA - opinions and positions are absolutely fascinating and remarkably honest. He is rarely apologetic, standing behind his positions because they were his best estimates and most honest reports at the time - but he is far from a good soldier when it comes to backing the President.

Please take that half hour and watch this video.

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