August 14, 2007

Back to my favorite twenty-five flicks

In honor of the recently-seen Bourne Ultimatum...

My favorite Joan Allen films:
  1. The Upside of Anger
  2. Off the Map
  3. The Bourne Ultimatum
  4. Pleasantville
  5. Face/Off
My favorite Scott Glenn films:
  1. Apocalypse Now
  2. The Hunt for Red October
  3. The Bourne Ultimatum
  4. Nashville
  5. The Silence of the Lambs
My favorite David Strathairn films:
  1. Bob Roberts
  2. Sneakers
  3. Good Night, and Good Luck
  4. The Bourne Ultimatum
  5. Eight Men Out
My favorite Julia Stiles films:
  1. The Bourne Ultimatum
  2. The Bourne Identity
  3. Save the Last Dance
  4. The Bourne Supremacy
  5. 10 Things I Hate About You

  6. I had to go with the three Bourne films - which I was avoiding on the others - because I've seen so few of her films and am not willing to dignify A Guy Thing which may be the worst movie I've ever seen.
My favorite Matt Damon films:
  1. Ocean's Eleven
  2. Dogma
  3. Rounders
  4. The Bourne Ultimatum
  5. Good Will Hunting

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