August 3, 2007

In which our hero experiences horrors very, very distantly

There have been some scary pictures the past couple of days about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

Frightening video, even, of the bridge falling sixty feet into the pretty shallow (seven to eight feet deep, according to the CNN website) water of the mighty Mississip, and it took me a while to realize just where the bridge itself had been.

On this summer's major vacation, The Girl and I were within a quarter mile or so of the bridge. We hadn't crossed it in our travels, but we had crossed the bridge next door to the now-collapsed one as well as one a bit further downriver. Check the picture above or this map for details.

It's scary to think about a major highway bridge just dropping into the river with seemingly no warning or cause.

And it's an odd thing to think about a news story that just a couple of months ago I'd've had no connection to but that now seems eerily familiar.

I wish nothing but luck and hope to the folks who are missing or have lost people into the river.

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ame said...

and you made fun of me for stressing about parking structures.