August 31, 2007

Discovery of the Croque Madame

In a last week before summer kinda celebration, The Girl and I headed down for our semi-annual downtown lunch celebration. We're both displaced from the city - by choice and job location, admittedly - and like to head into town any time we can just so we don't feel like total deserters.

On this late-summer trip, we started in Mt Adams, wandering around one of the highest points in Cincy on a hundred-degree day. It was certainly warm, but the views were gorgeous. From there, we headed into Eden Park for the Art Museum - which, it turns out, doesn't open until 11 am - we got there at 10. So down into the heart of the city, to a stop at the gorgeous main branch. Onward a bit further downtown to the find of the day - Bistro JeanRo on Vine Street, just below Tower Place.

Bistro JeanRo is labeled as a Cincinnati French Bistro, but I didn't see much Cincinnati in there. Instead, we were treated to a spectacular lunch of a croque monsieur (for The Girl) and a croque madame for me. Beside a healthy serving of marvelously crisp and flavorful pommes frites, I was served a marvelous concoction of ham and swiss on two perfectly butter-toasted slices of bread, topped with an egg over easy and a bechamel sauce. It can't get much richer and tasties than the croque madame. The sandwich - clearly eaten with a fork - was marvelous, tasty, hearty, a true find.

If you ever get a chance to drop down to JeanRo's, treat yourself to a croque monsieur deluxe. It won't get any better than that.


achilles3 said...

I've had dinner there twice and was blown away from start to finish both times. Literally the best eating i've done in the area.

PHSChemGuy said...

I'm certainly willing to try it again. The food that I had was fabulous and the restaurant itself was a lot of fun.