August 6, 2007

Dude, I saw that!

If you've been hanging around the blog for a while, you might remember a while back when I mentioned the Milwaukee Brewers introduction of the new chorizo addition to the famous Sausage Race. And a couple of weeks ago I even got the chance to head to Miller Park and see the Sausage Race in person.

Oddly enough, it turns out that ESPN had sent an intern - or some crap-level journalist, maybe - to take part in the Race that same night, and he has some tips to offer for anybody out there who might hope to one day take part in the race (not that it's regularly open to the public). Another site has offered up a backstage view of the race, itself.

I'll tell ya, the race was everybit as exciting in person as it is on video - and probably more exciting than some video versions.


achilles3 said...

Dude that was a riot! Had no idea about that. Looked exhausting

PHSChemGuy said...

The race was hilarious. Chorizo won on the night we were there. I think I first heard about the race back when Randall Simon smacked the sausage in front of the whole world.

achilles3 said...

AHA! I remember that.
BTW I heart chorizo in black bean soup