August 11, 2007

A design challenge

The Girl is looking for a webpage for her library, and I've worked up an initial design. There's still a bit of coding to come - loads of stacked tables and some java script to make some of the pictures load at random.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


achilles3 said...

I like it. A little busy and I'm not sure where to focus but its fun. I would like to see the date. I for some reason like that on home pages

cmorin said...

I dig it. My one complaint is that picture in the bottom left corner that says Asia looks like a link. I don't know, maybe thats just me though.

ame said...

Just make sure you put any links that change often (ie Student Reviews, etc) towards the top. Watching my students I notice they often don't scroll to the bottom or even look at the bottom of a page.

PHSChemGuy said...

Lakes - Calen also mentioned (off blog) that she found it busy, as well. I had a second design with a lot more white space and didn't know which to go with. Maybe someday I'll work up the other one and throw it out.

Cmorin - I can see that now that you point it out. I'll probably swap out that image because of it. Thanks.

Ame - Above the scroll, I understand. I'll check that out with The Girl to make sure she's got the important stuff up there. I know that her major things are the buttons up top and the news in the top left. I'll see if there are any others that she wants up there.

Thanks, folks.