August 8, 2007

Put your crap to good use

Okay, time to get your crap together.

Check the recent article 'bout composting over at the Journal-News. The article really isn't anything special except for one small mention right at the end when they point out that Cox Arboretum up in Dayton is offering a series of three free classes in how to get composting at the end of which you get a free composting bin!

Seriously, free composting bins for all the folks who take the class.

Personally, I'm signing up with The Girl so we can get two bins. That'll let up chip up the crap left over from the now cut-down willow tree from the back yard.

Speaking of which, I'm in need of somebody who can turn a six-foot tree stump into some kind of sculpture using...I dunno...a chainsaw or something.

I'm not terribly picky as to what the sculpture depicts (probably nothing too graphic or vulgar, donchaknow), but The Girl's got a bug in her bonnet about turning the stump into a sculpture.


Any available artistes out there wanna do a blogger a solid?


Sphincter said...

I just started composting this spring. I'm still getting the hang of it (as in, keeping the moisture right to avoid the smell factor) but it has cut way down on trash.

PS: Are you offended that somebody called Sphincter is commenting? I don't want to skeev out your students or put you in a weird spot...

achilles3 said...

Will you take a picture of your bin when you get it? I could search for an image but I want to see your free compost bin.
Stumps are cool

PHSChemGuy said...

Chicka Sphincter - nope, I have no problem with your nickname posting away to your heart's content. After all, my last name would be a little dicey if I were worried about that.

And, Lakes, I'll happily take a picture of the bin once I get it.