August 9, 2007

Name that theme

I live in a themed subdivision. The streets are named Quail Run, Eagle, Heron, Mallard, Dove, Sandpiper, Pelican, and Falcon.

When I was teaching in Mt. Healthy, a number of students lived in a neighborhood they called The Planets with Neptune, Zodiac, Polaris, Aquarius, Venus, Moonlight, Sirius, Morningstar, Mercury, Mars, and Planet. (I know, they're not all planets, but they still called the neighborhood The Planets.)

I've known friends who lived on Lord Alfred with Tennyson, Percivale, Gareth, Bedevere, and Locksley (admittedly, not the most masculine of neighborhoods) right nearby.

But I've not yet found any neighborhoods whose streets have themed names that I'd be happy with. Today's challenge to you is two-fold. First, gimme some street names in a theme that you'd like to make if you were a developer. Second, see if you can identify the themes I used in the following possible neighborhoods:

Neighborhood theme #1
  • Wayne St.
  • Prince St.
  • Jordan St
  • Kent St.
  • Allen St.
  • Curry St.
  • Jones St.
Neighborhood theme #2
  • McCormick St.
  • Marsh Blvd.
  • Stotch Ave.
  • Broflovski Ln.
  • Cartman St. (probably the giveaway)
Neighborhood theme #3
  • Summers Ave.
  • Worthington Ln
  • McCoy Dr.
  • Drake St.
  • Grey Ave.
Neighborhood theme #4
  • Berry St.
  • Brown St.
  • Charles St.
  • Cooke Ave.
  • Domino Ln.
  • Everly Rd.
  • Holly Ct.
  • Lewis Pk.
  • Richard Circle
  • Presley Ln.
Neighborhood theme #5
  • LeRoy Ave.
  • Harlan Ln.
  • Willie Rd.
  • Sheebie Ct.
  • Charlie Circle
  • Blitz Blvd.
  • Nick Rd.
  • Tillie St.
Neighborhood theme #6
  • Marbury St.
  • McCulloch Ave.
  • Plessy Blvd.
  • Buchanan Ct.
  • Debs Ct.
  • Brown St.
  • Gideon Rd.
  • Miranda St.
  • Escobedo Ct.
  • Kelo Ave
Neighborhood theme #7
  • Stirratt St
  • Cline Ct.
  • Kotche Circle
  • Sansone St.
  • Jorgensen Dr.
  • Bach Blvd.
  • Johnston Rd.
  • Bennett Blvd.
  • Egan Ln.
  • Coomer Ct.
  • Tweedy Rd.
Neighborhood theme #8
  • Cobb Ct.
  • Ruth Rd.
  • Wagner Way
  • Matthewson St.
  • Johnson Circle
And where would you go with things?


calencoriel said...

#1 no clue(
#2 South Park
#3 no clue
#4 MoTown - but I'm not sure
#5 Your dog's names
#6 Famous Supreme Court Cases
#7 Members of Wilco
#8 Most expensive baseball cards

I like the subdivisions that name their streets after all the habitats that were destroyed in order to build said subdivision:

Brook Hollow Dr, Deer Run Dr, Sleeping Fawn Dr, Scrub Jay Ave, Squirrel's Nest Way, Bobcat Den, Cougar Place, BearBluff Dr. (all actual street names, most of which exist in West Chester)

And, here's one to guess:

Meriadoc Dr, Peregrin St, Samwise Dr, Frodo Way, Strider Bvld, Boromir St, Legolas St, Gimli Dr, and of course, Gandalf Way.


Richards St, Lehman Way, Cotcamp Bvld, Nichting Circle, Crouch Alley, Flannery Dr, West St, Cornett St, Reed Dr,

DanEcht said...

I want to say #1 is secret identities.

ame said...

#1 Basketball players?
#2 South Park characters last names
#3 ?
#4 Last names of 50's singers
#5 Dogs you have had since childhood (though only naicknames since some are not correct given names)
#6 based on Plessy... supreme court cases?
#7 Wilco members
#8 baseball players

achilles3 said...

gotta love lists...this is a great one.
I want a seven deadly sins theme.

Lust Ln.
Guttony Dr.
Greed St.
Sloth Circle
Wrath Way
Envy Ct.
Pride Parkway

PHSChemGuy said...

Guesses that are correct so far...

#1 - Echt is closest...but secret identities of whom?
#2 - Yeah, South Park
#3 - no guesses yet
#4 - those have more in common than just 50's singers...and they weren't all MoTown
#5 - Yup, dogs
#6 - Supreme court cases...good call, Ame & Calen
#7 - Wilco - excellent, Calen & Ame
#8 - baseball, yes, but there's more to them in common than that

As to Calen's choices...Samwise et al are the Fellowship...the second list is the WSLL 12-under all stars...

Lakes, I like your choices, and I'm thinking that they'd be way better than the virtues...

cmorin said...
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cmorin said...

#1 is the secret names of comic book characters. Guessing from Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan they are all DC comics.

#3 are the names of the original X-Men.

#8 are the members of the first class elected into the baseball hall of fame.

I hate myself.

cmorin said...


#4 is the first class elected into the Rock and Roll of Fame....

Easy to see once I got the baseball one.

PHSChemGuy said...

Kudos to CMorin for nearly clearing all of them...

#1 - yes, DC, but why those specific seven?
#3 - You had originally typed X-Factor, and I would've given it to you on a technicality. X-Men, is, however, what our judges were specifically looking for.
#4 & #8 - both were the respective first classes into their halls of fame


You, sir, win a No Prize.

cmorin said...

I knew at one point that they were called X-Factor... or it was involved somehow. Looked it up and found that they were actually the X-Men.

And #1 is the Justice League... had to do some research on some of the names. Why didn't they include martian manhunter?

PHSChemGuy said...

Excellent job, CMorin...the original JLA...and Martian Manhunter was included - John Jones was the alter ego that he most frequently (though not all that often in the past few years) used.

The original X-Men, after they drifted away from the X-Men team, joined back up as X-Factor. It was an interesting thing in its inception, though they've moved on from there by now.

cmorin said...

Ah, the only Jones I could find was Joseph Jones which was apparently the name of General Glory.

PHSChemGuy said...

The Martian Manhunter used John Jones for a while though DC's abandoned it at this point.