October 2, 2008

Catch alls

All of these have been sitting around gathering dust while I tried to come up with full posts about them, but no such posts have been coming, so you get a catch-all post...
  • Katydid pointed out the coolness of downloading a Wilco song in exchange for your promise to vote in the coming election. She's kinda awesome.
  • The Girl and I continue to try to be better to the world, and we've moved to eating seafood that is supposedly friendly to the oceans. Here's Monterey Bay Aquarium's site which has the list that we've started using. We need to print it out, but we haven't gotten that far. She did buy shrimp from Texas at The Jungle this weekend (at $10.99 per pound for about fifteen shrimp) instead of the Asian shrimp that are much smaller but about $9.99 for a two-pound bag. It's not without cost - including never getting to eat sea bass (my favorite fish) again - but it's something that's worth doing for us.
  • Forbes's list of Best American Colleges came out recently - as pointed out by Coach Sullivan (thanks, man). Wabash College (my awesome alma mater) came in at a solid twelve overall. The methods are a little different from those of US News, but I like these rankings way better. If ever you had any doubt as to how awesome Wabash is, let those doubts disappear.
  • I'm likely to get a nearly totally blind student in my chemistry classes next year, and I'm at a loss as to how to deal with that. But I am finding - sometimes through The Girl - more and more cool books designed to help sighted people experience a little bit of what blindness could be like.
  • I love Entertainment Weekly's lists. But I hate the manner in which they typically present them: single-slide-per-entry lists that you have to click your way through. Some of the lists - the 100 new classic movies, for example, are so cool that they must be clicked through, however.
  • Ah, a local Hamilton boy gets told to take off his makeup. I know the male assistance principal mentioned, and I'm fairly familiar with the district. This is a total non-story that managed to bumble its way to cnn's website. Meh.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle via Bedrock Industries with their glass tiles and mulch.
  • I finally got around to winning Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Wii and then went striahgt for the cheat codes so I could see all the rockin' outfits and powers that I hadn't taken the time to unlock yet. The game is now even more awesome even though I don't really have any bad guys to fight anymore.
  • Funny stuff happens in Middletown sometimes.
  • The photo up top is of Hollis Thomas, former N'awlins defensive tackle. I can't link to the site that I found it, but it's a funny picture, i'nit?


calencoriel said...

You know those "asian" shrimp are all farm raised and keep the shrimpers out of the oceans and yet enable the shrimpers to still make money to sustain their families, right? The ones in Texas and New Orleans are usually coming out the oceans so I'm not sure how the ones from Texas are better for the oceans since they're being taken out of the food chain and all. I know there's more fuel involved with the transport of the Indonesian/Asian shrimp when you talk about bringing them to your Ohio table, but I think it's important to support the farm-raised shrimp industry to keep the boats out of the oceans.

PHSChemGuy said...

I don't know those answers, Calen. I'll see if I can find them.

Katydid said...

I'm glad my all-consuming pop culture obsession is helpful to someone.

Nobody in my building faces the Trump tower, but its hard to miss when you're walking up Michigan Avenue.

PHSChemGuy said...

Ok, Calen...here's what I've got...

from Monterey...

About 3.7 million acres of tropical coastal mangroves have been converted to shrimp farms, destroying important habitat for fish, birds and people. So much waste builds up in the farm ponds that the farmers have to move on, leaving the water polluted and mangrove forests destroyed.

U.S. shrimp farms are subject to laws limiting environmental impacts which makes them a good alternative to imported farmed shrimp.

They seem to have scientific research on the site to back them up.

Thanks for making me look and read the details...

Nathan said...

Wabash may be doing well in a ranking done by a magazine known for ranking the richest people in the world, but is doing poorly in terms of sustainability: http://www.greenreportcard.org/report-c-ard-2009/schools/wabashcollege

According to the president, we also have several trustees that don't believe that global warming is anthropogenic.

PHSChemGuy said...

Nathan, I'm thinking that the likelihood that people believe global warming isn't caused by mankind rises dramatically with age - and the trustees are old.

Sorry to see that Wabash doesn't rank very highly in those rankings, though. I'm curious to read onward and see which schools do score well and what they're doing to earn the high marks.

Thanks for pointing out the site.