October 8, 2008

A glimpse: the fridge

The entire act of blogging is about as narcissistic as anything could ever be.

For some reason, I seem to believe that people would care about what I have to say, what I think, and what media I intake. And you people consistently prove me right - which probably isn't all that healthy for my ego.

And which leads me to do crap like this.

For the next few Wednesdays, I'll be providing a bit of glimpse into The Homestead where The Girl and I reside. I'll be posting a photo or two of some part of The Homestead that might give a little idea of the world where I reside.

Today it's my fridge door, where so much of our modern world ends up posted for ourselves to see.

Lets start in the bottom left and move upward, left to right pointing out some of the stuff...

Those polaroids are of Harlan's teeth. The vet wanted to point out how nasty they were before his last teeth cleaning and then how clean they were afterwards. That's been a couple of years now.

The blue-blanketed baby in the bottom right corner is the first of many birth announcements telling us that our friends have joined the breeder world while The Girl and I remain firmly as travelers (a friend of ours pointed out that some people are breeders...other are travelers). Hiya, Noah.

The magnet holding that photo card up says "I quilt...He cooks", and I'm slowly working on making the second part of the statement more true.

The pig and cow magnets came from Alton Brown's cookbook, one of the coolest science/cooking books I've read and one of the least useful cookbooks.

The red JOY card is another birth announcement - hiya, Henry.

The business card/calendar is for Terry Hartke with her lion's mane of hair. Terry sold us The Homestead and sells a bunch of houses in our neighborhood. We see her a few times a year when we visit all the open houses for the neat houses. Typically, we'll walk or ride our bikes.

The small trio family is one of my regular readers - Coldnorthgamer - and his wife and daughter. Gamer and I go way back, and he might be the person with the most photos on the fridge who doesn't live in The Homestead.

Jana Lewis is the assistant principal where The Girl worked for the past four years.

Another birth announcement. Hiya, Adelaide.

The lion is a souvenir from the summer's trip to New York.

One you reach a certain age, you aren't sending out birth announcements anymore. You're sending out "we bought a new house" announcements, and that's what a coworker (and good friend) did when he and his wife moved across the river to Northern Kentucky so they could live under the approaching jets.

The Disney postcard was sent to The Girl from some of the other runners after she completed her second marathon for Team in Training.

That's me on the right in the tux. Gamer's on the left and was the man of the day there. I was honored to be able to stand up for him.

The photo with the horrible glare - I'll post a better copy without the glare at the bottom of this post - is of the four national merit finalists in my graduating class. I'm in the green shirt, back left. Gamer's in the white shirt and the cast. It was a rough senior year for him.

That's me in the blue shirt and tie with The Girl in her grandmother's house. Must've been the Christmas that we spent there. Wow, that's been twelve years ago now.

#1 Nerd was a gift from The Girl to me.

In the cute bow sweater and the huge grin is Hannah. Hiya, Hannah.

The two pinwheels next to me and Gamer are from this summer on the Massachusetts part of the vacation. I'm all down with my spirographs.

I can happily endorse Grady Veterinary Hospital. They're awesome vets.

The receipt is from Lowe's and is for a Bancroft 4" CS LA which apparently cost $88.00. I have absolutely no idea what a Bancroft 4" CS LA is or why we still have that receipt.

Hiya, Matthew and Christopher. The only twins on the fridge.

I don't know Ashley or Richard very well at all. We got invited because the guy who bought the new house in Northern Kentucky is Ashley's dad, and I'm a good friend of his.

The Girl didn't look her best at the end of her training run for one of those marathons.

Herrmann Plumbing is a solid plumbing, heating, and air business that we don't use anymore because they have a significant trip charge to get out to where The Homestead is.

The burger is a coupon for a free White Castle hamburger. The coupon - and the other one in the top right corner - has long since expired.

Above that are a Papa Johns magnet (our second choice locally for pizza), a PLCH magnet, and a magnet for Amighetti Bakery in St. Louis. The library is the one that we far and away most frequently use.

The next guy is Gabrielle. Hiya, Gabe.

And then hiya to Taylor and Jillian.

The Christmas card is for the family that briefly lived in our basement a year ago. Hiya, Jake.

The ticket is for Lebowski Fest in Chicago, the one that I sadly got snowed into Cincinnati for.

Thankfully, we end with the Nerds are sweet stuff magnet.

Here's the unglared photo of me, Gamer, Richie, and Brant in from of our high school.

I'm thinking...for the next few Wednesdays...photos of our bookshelves...our keepsake shelves...my cd collection...our kitchen table (which is typically a huge pit)...the fridge's insides...the DVD collection...

A couple of questions...do you give a crap?...and are there any particular areas of The Homestead (short of the front view which The Girl has asked me to keep a bit private) that you'd be curious to see since I'm guessing most of you folks won't be visiting any time soon?

Unless you end up house sitting for us - we are travellers, after all. Joey, Katydid - how are you folks with cats and dogs?


joey said...

love dogs. cats are the "life is sheet den you die" robin williams version of french.

.... wait. you don't like... HAVE pets, do you? woahhhh. mind = blown.

personally, i want to see that toilet that never gets cleaned. it would at least make me feel a lot better

Katydid said...

I don't know, my asking price is pretty steep...

PHSChemGuy said...

I do, indeed, have pets. Stunning, I understand.

You will not see the unclean toilet, man. There are certain parts of The Homestead that I'm not willing to share.

I'm a fairly generous house-sitting kinda guy, Katydid. What's the asking price? I can offer free access to all my music, all my books, all my cds, all my DVDs. Plus you get to crash in a bed with two dogs probably cuddled in.

They're awfully cute.

achilles3 said...

I'll watch the house.
And have a huge party.
Let me know.

Katydid said...

I might be persuaded by the infamous Dusch media library.

Emily Gallacher said...

I give a crap. But not so much about real crap in your unclean bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm honored to be such a big part of your fridge facade. You look good in a tux, how many times have you worn one?

PHSChemGuy said...

Hence, Lakes, why you won't be invited...I go for the people more likely to have the small gatherings than the Risky Business-style parties...

Let's see, Gamer...in a tux...two proms in HS...my wedding...your wedding...CoachSullivan's wedding...that might be the full extent...five times, I guess...and twice in a kilt...