October 13, 2008

A kilometer tall

I stand by my statement and add Saudi Arabia to the attribution:
The people of Dubai (and Saudi Arabia) have more money than sense.
Seriously, a building more than a kilometer high? Insane...and kinda cool.


TL said...

As an Emirati, I can fully stand by your statement, but protest the fact that I had the bum luck of having more sense than money. I have mixed feelings about going home when I'm able to, because it's turned into a shiny Disney land version of its former self.

Alyssa said...

I do have to say that Dubai is in the UAE, and having family there, yes, yes they do tend to.

achilles3 said...

I wish America's government's head wasn't a kilometer up their own rears. :-)

joey said...

Dubai will be the commercial center of the world in 20 years. It's nearly set in stone already. Maybe they'll make a kilometer tall thank you card to give to American's for our investment in their economy the past 40 years.