October 1, 2008

More upcoming concerts that intrigue

And, thankfully, some of them are on weekend nights, so I'm in the clear...Now, if I could just get the Beastie Boys, Chris Isaak, Richard Thompson, Wilco, Jeff Tweedy (solo), U2, Sufjan Stevens, James McMurtry, and a few others to come to town...


Katydid said...

Beastie Boys are on my all-time list and they WILL be crossed off someday.

Living in Chicago is a double-edged sword. Everyone cool comes here, but poor college students cannot afford to see them.

I bit the bullet on Neil Young tickets but have had to pass on Bright Eyes, Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, and Jenny Lewis...sigh

PHSChemGuy said...

Oh, Beasties are way at the top of the list.

It would kill me to have all of those artists in town all the time and to have to pass on them. At least in Cincy, I can cherry-pick my concerts because there aren't that many that I want to see who come through.