October 16, 2008

Sources for new music

Check 'em, folks...

The Smudge of Ashen Fluff - posts new music daily, typically a video and a downloadable mp3. They say that the mp3s only stay for a few days, but they seem to still be around for a lot longer than that for me.

Morning Becomes Eclectic is an LA radio show at KCRW that offers a ton of streaming in-studio video performances - most of them around half an hour long. Some highlight videos can be found here, and the full list of shows here. Let me especially recommend The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Band of Horses, Ben Harper, Tim Finn, Bright Eyes, Lily Allen, and lots, lots more.

And it looks like I may be moving over to Playlist.com instead of Seeqpod for a while. No problems with Seeqpod, but I'm going to try Playlist after this weekend's already created tribute to another singer songwriter.

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