October 27, 2008

I don't understand

Not in the least...not at all...not even one little bit...

But I'm not going to complain that yesterday I filled up my gas tank for $2.09 a gallon.


joey said...

the best way i have heard it explained is that it is something where the oil companies intentionally raised prices slowly in what is generally considered an "off" time for traveling (post summer, pre-holidays) so that prices could slowly be lowered until the end of the year.

Now, this was not slowly by any stretch of the imagination, so that whole plan may not have held. I dunno.

Maybe its just because OPEC freaking loves Obama. My guess is that this whole Syrian border special forces thing may send them back up, but that could just be the tin foil messing with my brain again

heh, speaking of which, wv: pronid, awfully close to paranoid if ya ask me

andrew said...

Part of it is probably the switch to winter gas. It has fewer additives, and so is cheaper to produce.

And the verification was so good that I had to screengrab it: artbro