September 1, 2007

Anybody wanna see a movie?

The Girl and I - and the other family we hang out with a bunch - are heading downtown tonight for a double feature of Finding Nemo and Jaws. They're playing on the big video board above Macy's, and the sound'll be pumped throughout the redesigned Fountain Square.

Weather's supposed to be nearly perfect, and if they're going to throw down as entertaining a pairing of flicks as I can think of, then I'm all about supporting the downtown renaissance.

It's totally free and you can bring your own dinner and drinks.

The first flick's supposed to roll at 8pm.

C'mon down and join us, why doncha?


achilles3 said...

that watercolor of the jumbo screen is sweet!
give me an update how that thing holds a movie, how the crowd was and the sound too:-)

PHSChemGuy said...

The movie looked great. Very clear, no issues with fadeout or anything. The sun hadn't quite set by the time they started, but it was close.

The sound was a little lower than I'd like it if I were at home, but it was certainly understandable. Speakers are all around the Square.

The crowd was surprsingly big - maybe a couple hundred people, including lots of families. People came with deck chairs, blankets, even an air mattress. They've put tables and chairs in the Square, but the ones they've got wouldn't have held the whole crowd. Apparently the event had been advertised on Time Warner's Nickelodeon broadcasts.

Concessions were light - popcorn, hot dogs, cokes, beers. Carribou coffee was giving away some promotional, pre-made coffee drinks for free.

It was a great evening. We stayed through all of Nemo (I'd forgotten how well-made that film is) and about half of Jaws before The Girl and The Surrogate Family gave up the ghost (I wanted to stay to see the rest of Jaws, but such is life).

Most of the families left after Nemo ended, but not all of them.

I think this might've been the last of the summer nights doing this, but I'll book myself for next summer if they do it again.

achilles3 said...

DAMN! Sounds like a high quality time in the city...super cool. LOVE JAWS!